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17. July 2014

Business Transformation Orchestration

Business transformation has been happening for centuries, but not until recently has an integrated, holistic and proven approach been available to help orchestrate the entire transformation effort. These days, it is almost second nature that...

10. July 2014

Essential Transformation Roles and Capabilities

While companies depend on good strategy to help themselves thrive and survive, strategy is often said to be three times more difficult to deploy than develop. Transforming strategy into reality stretches a company beyond its standard operational...

30. June 2014

A Summer Fairy Tale: How to Become a True Trusted Advisor of Choice

What do Berlin, leadership and FIFA World Cup have in common? It could be, for example, Angela Merkel shooting selfies with the German football team in the changing room during the break of the world cup game Germany against Portugal. And what do...



Effective project management assists organizations in carrying out mega projects on budget and on time. However, more projects are being labeled the “black swan”, in fact, every fifth project become one. This phenomenon describes events that are uncommon and unpredictable but in hindsight, do not seem so improbable...



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