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30. November 2014

Case of the Month November 2014 – Mega Projects: A Focus on the Airbus Plant Expansion and the Elbphilharmonie Construction in the Hamburg Metropolitan

Mega projects are by their size, number of stakeholders, and value at stake unique and barely reproducible. These projects are instrumental for the success of a regionʼs economic development. As a consequence, they are also under scrutiny by the...

30. October 2014

Case of the Month October 2014 – Serendipity: The Puzzling Story of a Process Optimization for Alcohol-Free Beer

Though the Oktoberfest was over a month ago, we would like to present you a case about beer. This time – without alcohol. Alcohol-free beer has become a real “lifestyle” beverage lately. However, removing the alcohol from the beer while...

02. October 2014

A New Wave to Management Thinking

The world around us is comprised of systems – organizational systems, business systems, political systems, family systems, inter-personal systems, biological systems, economic systems – and thus the list continues. It has been said that systems...



Innovation ability remains the driving force for maintaining competitive advantage. At the same time, digital technologies open up new opportunities for businesses but they also present challenges. In this issue - loaded with valuable insight - we show you proved models of how you can increase your innovation ability. With a view to the future, we disclose which digital technologies will emerge and how they will disrupt the market...



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